a little thing I made for uni

F11 to full screen

headphones recommended 

native builds available if webgl shits the bed

more shitty games on my twitter

more stuff on my site

open source on github

thank you ❤


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Version 2


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Best       Graphics       Ever!!!!!!!!!!

Could you give me a few pointers?

Thanks! and I have no idea!!!! References really helped

outstanding for a short experience. are there any other secret endings or is it just the one

Thanks! Stoked that people are still playing this like a year on. Not in this one, but maybe in the sequel ;)


nice to hear i didn't miss anything. it got a couple jumps out of me. one thing i wanted to make sure you knew: the atmosphere really tied this together. i'm not sure if it was your intention, but the way the room was designed compensated (and even complimented!) the silence. made it feel like i was supposed to be waking up in a lively apartment complex in the middle of a city, even at night, yet the silence suggested something more sinister was happening.

and you sly bastard. this is a very covert way to announce the sequel! i very much look forward to it.


lmao nice

This game was SUPER intense but amazing!



I feel bad, I'm scared to play it! I would like to know beforehand whether it is a horror game haha sorry if this is stupid feedback

Hahaha It definitely gets a bit intense, but there's no cheap jump scares or anything I promise !


i played it thanks to your reassuring comment and it was worth it! thanks!!

Thanks for playing!


Marvelous. Just streamed it and I got really tense on camera. This is the right approach to create atmosphere for this kinda genre.

Wow! Thank you so much!


A very short but very cool start of something. Played nicely and had a good atmosphere but would have loved to have seen more and a story. I really hope you go back to this at some point and just keep adding to it. For 'a little thing' you made for uni it was... interesting. Good job... :)

This was awesome to watch! Thanks for the feedback :)